Important Differences Between Branding and Marketing

Many people are known to confuse the two, or not even know what the main differences are. If you are just starting a business, this is something you need to be aware of, and if you already have an existing business, you should already know this. For those who need help with such or similar subjects, just contact BrandQuest.

What is branding? What is marketing? How are they different?

There are a lot of different opinions on this subject, but it should be very simple. Marketing is an active promoting of a product or a service. It has a push tactic and it is giving out a message to get the appropriate sales, and that message is quite simple: “Buy me”.

Creating the perfect marketing and branding strategy can easily save your business

However, branding is not like that. Branding is something that needs to be able to underline and precede all the marking efforts. Here, you are not using a pull or a push tactic, as you are supposed to express the essential truth and value of the business or organization you stand behind and offer.

A brand is here to encourage you to purchase a serve or a product, and it will directly support all of the marketing activities and sales that are currently open, but the brand will not explicitly tell you to “buy”, instead, a brand shares a message more like: “This is me, and this is why I exist. If you agree with these terms, you can buy me and support me”.

Strategic VS tactical

While marking can contribute in many ways to a brand, the brand is much bigger than any of the marketing efforts. After the marketing has been swept under the rug, the brand is the only thing that remains. This is something that will stick to your mind, and will associate you to their product, organization or service.

A company’s brand is something that will determine if you will become loyal to them. Simply put, marketing is here to convince you to buy the product while brand is here to see if you will become loyal to them. For example, marketing will convince you to buy a Samsung product, and that might be the first Samsung product you own, but brand will determine if you will only buy Samsung products in the future.

You need to understand the basic differences before rebranding

The brand of a company is something that is created from a number of things, and one thing that is very important from those things is the experience that the brand has lived and shown. Is it a relatable story, a memorable message, were all the promises fulfilled?

Marketing activates buyers but branding makes them loyal

This is something that is associated with all organizations and business since all of them have to sell, but how they sell their product can differ. Every thought, every policy, every action, every marketing promotion and ad will have a certain effect, that might result in inspiring or deterring a brand loyalty. This all depends on the strategy you have chosen.

Final word

Before you can even start a business, this is one of the first things you need to understand. Starting a new business is not easy, as there are many aspects you need to know, and if you already have a business that is not doing so well, you can always contact rebranding consultants in Sydney from BrandQuest. This is an agency with marketing and branding consultants who are here to help you grow.

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