Dianabol Origination and Transformation for Improving Athletic Abilities

In the 19th century, doctors injected athletes with several substances as an effort to enhance their strength and health. Just some years back, Russia dominated in generally all weight categories. Dr. John Ziegler of US got curious. He watched the Russian weightlifters minutely and was convinced that it was not just talent but something more, which was outstandingly enhancing the abilities of each weight lifter.

Zeigler forced the Russian team physician to reveal this enhancing substance they used to get such incredible results. The physician ultimately approved of using testosterone injections during training phase and through competition.

Zeigler returned to the US and started his research. He injected himself and three other weightlifters with testosterone. Everyone gained more strength and muscle mass, which would otherwise need rigorous training to put in.

About Dianabol

Zeigler researched and produced synthetic testosterone injections. Ciba pharmaceuticals affiliated with Zeigler and provided the needed research facilities. German data records of testosterone experiment results confiscated by the US, after war was also retrieved by Ciba and handed over to Zeigler. With all these facilities Zeigler successfully formulated a synthetic anabolic steroid called Dianabol or Methandrostenolone. In 1960 competition, the entire Weightlifting team of the US received Dbol. The US athletics witnessed a huge Dbol transformation. Today, Ciba is not the major Dianabol supplier, but it is Genesis.

Zeigler even discovered that besides enhancing muscle mass and strength, Dianabol generated a good feeling, reduced tissue generation, and prevented osteoporosis.

How long the benefits of Dianabol could be kept a secret. It wasn’t long before the world recognized D’bol transformation and doctors started prescribing it.

Dianabol steroid dosage

It was soon discovered that excessive D’bol dosage could affect users liver function. It is advisable that beginners begin a D’bol only dosage cycle at low dosage. Actually there is no ideal dosage level. However, maximum limit is 50 mg daily and beginners can start with 20 mg daily.

Besides liver function, users need to watch for high blood pressure, aggressiveness, hair loss, acne, and increased male boobs. Side effects can be decreased or eliminated by drinking lots of water, so that kidney and liver will avoid the impact. Take less salty food, so as to decrease water retention thus suppressing blood pressure levels. You can start D’bol cycle under the supervision of your physician.

Dianabol transformation

After 6-week cycle, stop taking Dianabol. You will lose some bulk within a week because your body gets rid of excessive water. Continue your training and diet program in a disciplined manner. You will retain the muscle gained from Dianabol transformation. Take a break of 4 to 5 weeks, before starting new Dianabol only cycle. More information could be gathered on http://steroidly.com/testosterone-shots/.


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