Cerokoted Glocks Are More Than Just Good-Looking Firearms! Why?

The right finish of firearm is an essential aspect of the gun’s functionality. There is a vast range of finish options available in the market. If you are busy to take care of your firearms, then cerakoted glocks are best to have. It is easy to use and results in a stronger finish. It has various advantages over other coating products.

These are ceramic particles in a polymer matrix that is applied to the firearms. It cures and coats the firearms in ceramic. It is very high in demand among the gun makers who want to have an excellent finish on firearms. It is very easy to apply this coating by yourself sitting in your home.

It comes in many forms like oven bake, H series, and an Air cure, C series. The air cure applies to high- temperature applications while oven bake applies to high wear applications. It also comes in the black color that is not easy to spoil.


  • Durability – It has a durable finish. The finish is very smooth that takes all the eyes on your firearms.
  • Anticorrosive – It provides the protective barrier against corrosion.
  • Waterproof – Cerakote is not destroyed by water as it is waterproof.
  • Scratch proof – If your gun is mishandled, don’t worry it will not get the scratches as Cerakote is famous for its scratch proof attribute.
  • Has a long shelf life – The coating of Cerakote will last long till many years. How much careless or lazy you are, your firearms will remain clean and going on and on.
  • Fine finish – It will make your firearm look good, new and attractive by adding value to it.
  • Easy to clean – As Cerakote has a low level of friction that does not allow the stuff to stick to it. So, carbon, oil, and dirt will not stick easily to it. It can be cleaned with ease.
  • Chemical resistance – It is resistance towards the reaction of various chemicals.
  • Abrasion – Cerakoted guns and firearms will not get wear and tear.
  • Adhesion – Dirt and oil particles do not acquire adhere easily to the cerakoted firearms. So, it can be cleaned less frequently.
  • Weather resistant – Cerakote coating is resistant to all weather conditions like summer, winter, rain, snowfall or humid weather conditions.

Scientific Evidence for the Efficient Working of Cerakoted Finish

  • Cerakote has passed the entire test offered by American Society for Testing and Material, ASTM.
  • In corrosion resistance test it has shown no sign of corrosion while keeping cerakoted AR15 in the salt solution for 3500 hours.

Points to be Taken into Consideration

  • Approach a local dealer for the job to coat your firearms with Cerakote.
  • Also, discuss in detail about the pricing.

P.S: Cerakote is the best finish for your gun. There are many advantages of Cerakote beyond the good looking finish.

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