The best paddle of the winners

Looking for the best paddle to play a confident game with then the Wolfe Sports X3 3K Carbon Pickleball is what you need. The Wolfe Sports X3 3K Carbon Pickleball Paddle has the strong and durable paddle. It comes with the edge guard technology.  The ground design of the paddle is made such a way that is durable, light and strong at the same time. This Wolfe Sports X3 3K is one of the pro line paddles of the company.

The most important feature that you should notice in a paddle is the edge and the handle grip. To make the paddle stronger and last longer, the core and surface of the paddle are filled before putting on the edge guard.

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You get the excellent grip, control and comfort with the padded grips of the paddle.The aluminum honeycomb core makes it rigid and light to use. The paddle has three-layer core. On the top of the honeycomb core is the fiber layer which is the first layer. The second layer is applied to granite and the last or the third layer is interwoven 3K Carbon Fiber. The three layers create a strong and durable surface at the same time it makes it extremely light. It weighs around 8.0 ounces only.

Here are the points which put the light on the feature of the Wolfe Sports X3 3K Carbon Pickleball Paddle.

The paddle comes with the edge guard.The edge guard of the paddle protects against the chips so it is really helpful the aggressive players to show their aggression on the field. The edge guard will always protect the paddle while to play.

The paddle has three-layer in its surface. The first has the fiberglass, the second one is graphite and the final one is of 3k carbon fiber. These layers combinedly make the paddle surface very strong and durable. Although it is made up of three layers the paddle is extremely light and very easy to use and comfortable at the same time. The aluminum honeycomb core of the paddle made it extremely light and durable.

The paddle is 15.5 inches long and the width is 7.625 inches which help the player not to miss any target. The grip of the paddle is 4.25 inches and weighs around 8.1 ounces. The weight of the paddle can vary from 7.9 to 8.2 ounces. The paddle comes in a very stylish and strong paddle case to give that stylish look to you when you walk in with the paddle in the game field. The design of the paddle makes it perfect for both the hard hit and drinking hit on the net. The paddle is constructed in a better design to give you the champions feeling when you carry it around the field. The quality of the materials used in making the paddle give a nice feel when you carry it for the game. The material is high quality and you will never complain about the durability of the paddle.

Most of the players using the paddle has extremely good views to give and some of them even pointed that it is oneof the best paddle that they have used so far.

The paddle is neither too light nor too heavy to carry the game. it exactly what the player need to carry the game.The paddle is tested several times before sending it to the stores to reach your hands. The paddles are tested by IFP/USAPA which are the international and U.S. Pickleball Association. It fulfils all the requirement and specifications that re needed for the players to carry this paddle to the tournament. The paddle gives you the best of the confidence to play the match.

Post Author: Edward Riley