5 Simple Steps You Need To Know To Avoid A DUI Arrest

So, you are drinking and driving (which is never a good idea, and you shouldn’t do it), and you’re trying to ensure that you don’t end up getting in trouble as a result. Are there ways to actually avoid getting a DUI arrest? Here are some tips that you can try.

  1. Don’t Drink and Drive. As you likely know, the best way to avoid a DUI arrest is to just not drink and drive to start with. If you’ve been drinking, call someone to come get you, or stay where you are if you’re able to do so. Above all else, this should be the first thing that you consider so that you don’t put yourself and those around you in danger.
  2. If You Get Pulled Over, Stay Calm and Don’t Get Out of the Car. Many people overreact when they’ve been pulled over for a DUI check. The fact is, you need to try and stay as calm as you can. Not only will this help to alleviate suspicion, but it can also prevent you from having other problems with the police as well.
  3. Keep Your Window Rolled Up as Much As Possible. Obviously, you have to give them your paperwork, but don’t roll your window down all of the way. Try not to face them (they’re trying to smell alcohol on your breath) and just hand them the documentation that they are asking for.
  4. Keep Conversation Brief. Don’t talk very much. Answer them with a succinct “yes” or “no” when they start asking you questions at any point in the conversation.
  5. Ask to Contact Your Attorney. If they are looking for specific answers, take the time to say that you would like to speak to your attorney about this matter and give them a call if the police allow you to do so.

Post Author: Clare Louise