3 Misleading Facts about Fat Loss You Must Know

People who are aware about the negative effects of fat want to lose it. However, it looks like that people cannot do enough of it. You are working out seriously in the gym, you are not eating high calorie food items or which have high percentage of fats. You are distancing yourself from delicious and your favorite foods, but even after following diet regime strictly, you are not getting satisfying results. Whenever you see yourself in the mirror, you cannot see a big difference. There is no increase in muscle definition and your flabby upper arms are looking the same. You have not changed yourself even after joining the gym and now you are embarrassed to show off. You do not want to tell people that you are working in the gymnasium for so long. This is because you still have accumulated fat around your belly and in different parts of your body. After discussing it with your fitness instructor, you canramp up your dosage to get rid of fat.

Let us know a couple of misleading facts about fat loss.

Calorie deficit

You may have heard that if you want to get rid of fat, you are supposed to create a calorie deficit of around 500 calories every day. This will help you lose around 1 pound of fat in a week. Do you think that losing fat is as simple as reading this article. Do you think that calorie deficit will hit only the fat stores in your body?This is not the factor; there are couple of other factors also which will help you achieve your fat loss goal. They are hormones, micronutrients ratio and exercise. You see everything plays a significant role, you cannot decrease the importance of any factor in this scenario. The type of exercises you are doing, the food you are consuming and the physical activities you take part every day. These things are responsible for fat loss. As far as making hormonal secretion is concerned, weight training or high intensity interval training is good. You can also opt for cycling brisk walking and swimming to regulate your hormones.

Do abs exercises to get six-pack abs

If your body has good amount of fat percentage, then doing only abs exercises will not help you achieve a six-pack abs. In order to achieve a well-toned abs, you have to get rid of the fat stores, whichare deposited in your belly area. There are several researches, which have proven that you cannot target a specific area in your body to get rid of fat. When you do weight training, your body burns calories and this is the time your body will use stored fat for fuel.

Problem of over eating

Many people are aware of about the right food. The problem is they consume healthy food items more than they require that is why they stay away from getting positive results. You can ramp up your dosage of fat loss supplements after consulting your physician.

Moreover, you are supposed to avoid artificial sweeteners and packaged food items, which have good amount of fat and salt in them.

Post Author: Edward Riley